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Visited Travel Lombo

Actually Mandatory Visited Travel Lombok it loads, but this time I will discuss about Attractions in North Lombok first yes, next in my next article I will discuss other. Lombok travel must be visited - Attractions In North Lombok (KLU) | Gumantar is one of the villages of the eight villages in Kayangan Lombok subdistrict Utara.Hingga now, the village is much left some historical sites filled with custom shades traditions, especially those based in the hamlet Dasan. In socio-cultural, indigenous peoples Dasan beleq closely associated with Islamic teachings. This could visits of cultural sites, continues to live and develop in line with the rhythm of life local community. Central religious aspects contained in the hamlet Gumantar, where the Ancient Mosque there now are built by the trustees and scholars' propagator of Islam earlier, while the center at the time reign there in Hamlet Dasan this Beleq. Sites of historical relics of saints propagator of Islam which is attached to the hamlet Dasan Beleq District of Kayangan KLU Gumantar village, according to customs figures Dasan Beleq Hamlet, Malinom (48), said that, there are some relics, diantaranya'Bale Bangar Gubuq ', which by Pagalan local calls. Bale's, located in the middle Gubuq Beleq Dasan, with a size of 5 × 5 m. Bale (home), according Malinom, its existence is believed to be made by the the first came and settled in the hamlet Dasan Beleq. But according to Sahir (40), one of the young leaders respected in the local village, told, about the existence of a trustee missionaries Islam first came and settled in the village Dasan Beleq. Told, reputedly he said, in about the 16th century AD, when Islam has begun to spread to all corners homeland, not to mention the propagator of Islam until well into the northern region of the mountainside rinjani. Included in this Beleq Dasan gumi. "His arrival of nowhere, and who its name, it does not can be ascertained, "said Malinom with an expression full of seriousness. The propagator of Islam who first came to the place (Dasan Beleq), according to Sahir, starting from Mount Rinjani. The Muslim missionaries, named Mak Beleq and Kendi (resembling Jug) down from Mount Rinjani, which later, in the course of history, after ruling and the spread of Islam in the region Bayan, Mak Beleq known as Datu Bayan.Sedangkan friend named Kendi was, at that time, still live and propagate religion Islam in Dasan Beleq and surrounding area. Told, before getting to Dasan Beleq, the propagator of Islam (Mak Beleq and jug) is stop first at Semboya handler, to look around the north slope of Mount Rinjani, which way The first goal later in the spread of Islam was carrying. After steady his determination, the chosen one area as the first goal in spreading Islamic teachings. The area, now known as Dasan Beleq Hamlet. Because the The first time came in place was named Mak Beleq, before continuing its spread to the area Bayan. Later, other heritage sites in the hamlet Dasan Beleq are Indigenous Bale The handler is in Gedeng / handler Indigenous, about 400 meters towards the south Gubuq Dasan Beleq now. Custom bale handler at the center of Gedeng / Indigenous handler's, made of woven tree bamboo. Ranging from roof to fence all made of bamboo. Besides this Indigenous Bale, about 5 meters northwest side of the Indigenous Bale, founded 'Berugak Court' saka six, as a stopover point before carrying out the traditional elders in the traditional ritual ceremonies Indigenous Bale The. Aside from being a haven of traditional elders before ceremony ritual, then Berugak this Court, is also used as a place to prepare offerings and all forms of food dishes served in a container called a tray, which is intended for entire indigenous people who attended the ceremonies, after doing the ritual in the Bale Adat The. According to Sahir, who accompanied reporters, when visiting the Bale Adat The handler is in the middle of Gedeng some time ago, said, if not until the time held rituals in the Indigenous Bale, who are not allowed in or just passing in the arena or Indigenous Bale page. "It pemalik," she assured. journalists too, when taking pictures Bale Adat and the Supreme Berugak, just outside the area of ​​the barrier. Nuance is customary in a traditional village away from the noise of this modern society, still steeped in traditions wetu telu, engrained among some communities Dayan Mountain, which is still strong hold that tradition. Dasan hamlet indigenous communities Beleq, according to Sahir, a ritual in which Indigenous Bale The handler is in Gedeng it, will be implemented on a large - scale four months. The ceremony, according to Sahir is Beleq Books ceremony. So called because this ceremony held four months massively. However Sahir also admitted, that traditional ritual ceremony in the Gedeng handler, every month is also implemented, but just a small ceremony .. Also visit Lombok Cheap Travel Packages ....

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