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Lombok Island Beach

paket wisata lombok Travel Lombok Island Beach does have a myriad of awesome beach, especially in the south coast of the island of Lombok. One place that should be included in the list of your travel is Lombok Tourism Tanjung Aan Beach, home of the Princess Mandalika. The beach is directly opposite the Indian Ocean, and has a coastline of approximately 2 Kilometers. One thing that is different when you step on the foot of Tanjung Aan Beach attractions, namely sand. Unlike other Lombok Beach, sand Tanjung Aan round like pepper. tour lombok Tanjung Aan beach is very appropriate for those who like air-snorkling and swimming. Because the waves are fairly quiet with relatively shallow depths. If you forgot to bring your equipment, snorkeling equipment rental are available on the beach. By late afternoon sea levels will begin to rise, make Tanjung Aan Beach is a great place to surf. Tanjung Aan beach is surrounded by several hills. You can easily reach the hill, if you want to see penamdangan Aan beautiful beach of height. Travel around the coast of Lombok, you will see some wooden umbrella with knitted straw as the roof. paket wisata lombok One way to enjoy the beach of Tanjung Aan is to lie under the umbrellas, while enjoying coconut you can buy around beach. You can also visit the row of restaurants that provide a wide variety of cuisines. You can try the local cuisine menus, while enjoying the beauty of Tanjung Aan amazing. As the holiday season holiday season, Pantai Tanjung Aan visited by domestic tourists. But if you visit in February, this beach will be full of tourists both from within and from abroad. Because of the month there is a special event that Ritual Bau Nyale. paket wisata lombokThis ritual associated with the myth of the local community about Princess Mandalika, where the daughter jumped from the hill to avoid the pursuit of a prince who wanted mempersuntingnya. Furthermore, the myth says that Princess Mandalika reincarnated as "Nyale", or marine worms. after the "hunt", this will be a material nyale some kind of local cuisine. Tanjung Aan Beach Tourism on the island of Lombok is located approximately 75 Kilometers from the city of Mataram, or about 3 Kilometers from Kuta Beach Lombok. If you use a private vehicle from Mataram, you will embark on a trip for approximately 1.5 hours. Route Mataram - Cakranegara - Kediri - Praya - Batunyale - Sengkol - Rambitan - Sade - last Kuta and Tanjung Aan. harga mutiara It is recommended that you hire a motorbike or car from Mataram. Because public transportation will waste your time and relatively more troublesome. After arriving at Tanjung Aan Beach, make sure you take the time to visit the beaches in the vicinity. Such as Kuta Beach Lombok Seger Beach, and Beach Selong Belanak. harga mutiara Related article: Lombok Property

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