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paket wisata lombok - Lombok has become one of the favorite tourist destinations for tourists both tourists domestic and foreign tourists. Strategic location, which is adjacent to the Bali, Lombok making it more accessible to tourists. The nature is very beautiful and the variety of its flora and fauna are increasingly making Lombok become a very popular area in a short time. Regional attractions consist chili from some districts. Each district has a superior tourist objects which must always visited by tourists. Call it the North Lombok. Here's an example: Waterfall Spring Gila - tour lombok Crazy Spring Waterfall is part of the National Park area of ​​Mount Rinjani. Thousands carrying tourists have visited this waterfall within one year. Arguably, Niagara Crazy spring has become the most popular tourist destinations in the national park Mt. Rinjani. Waterfall with a very beautiful natural scenery is located 600 meters above sea ​​levels. Visitors must pass through the trail to get to this waterfall. Route the journey starts from the village of Senaru. Access is not too difficult and it takes only travel time 20 minutes just to be able to reach this waterfall. But if taken from Mataram visitors have to travel quite a long time, ie 2 hours. Arriving at the waterfall, visitors are offered a 31-meter high waterfall complete with green scenery and fresh nan cool around him. Natural shades so thick here. Well suited for those who yearn for a quiet atmosphere and close to nature. Waterfall Tiu Kelep - paket wisata lombok Waterfall Tiu Kelep in North Lombok is known as a storehouse of waterfalls. Section quite a lot of beautiful waterfalls that can be found here. Call it for example Waterfall Tiu Kelep. This waterfall is very famous for its clarity and freshness of the water. From a distance course, the visitors can hear the sound of the waterfall. Similarly, the waterfalls in general, water Tiu Kelep waterfall is decorated with various types of green plants and trees around him. Its location is also very close to Niagara Spring Gila. The distance is only 1 km away.paket tour lombok tourist attraction nature is perfect for those who want to unwind and load your mind as a result of activity Your daily. Waterfall Ganges - mutiara lombok Waterfall Ganges place in North Lombok. From a distance only Niagara Ganges looks so beautiful. A mixture of green and blue will remedy the eyes of the visitors. How not, the green of the trees surrounding the waterfalls and pools of blue water of the waterfall actually be a blend of natural beauty is perfect. The water looks blue because it is very clear.harga mutiara Waterfall itself looks so unique. Because there are two levels and three locations of waterfalls, which is two waterfalls on top and underneath a waterfall. Menakijubkan landscapes can also be found on top of the water terjun.Hamparan hills, rice fields and the ocean becomes Air fresheners eyes and minds of the visitors. Fatigue of the body descend the visitors when headed to Niagara Ganga will be paid by the scenery and the natural atmosphere is so amazing. mutiara lombok Mount Rinjani has a very beautiful mountain valley. Here you will not be difficult to find a comfortable inn. Lodgings is intentionally designed by adopting the traditional design concepts in the form of traditional building barns. Near the inn, there is also a traditional market which is fairly complete.harga mutiara Swimming pool with source water from mountain springs and restaurants are located on top of the hill also built to meet the needs of the visitors were on vacation in the tourist area of ​​the valley of Mount Rinjani. Segara Anak - paket wisata lombok Segara Anak caldera formed in the area of ​​Mount Rinjani. Segara Anak is a lake with an area of ​​11 million square meters. The depth of the lake formed by volcanic activity is approximately 230 meters. The water is sourced from Segara Anak is gushing and flowing then form a very beautiful waterfall. Cool activities undertaken in this Segara Anak is fishing. Because volcanic lake is full of fish tilapia and carp. Southern part is called Segara Segara Anak Endut by local residents. lombok tour Related article: Lombok Property

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