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Actually Mandatory Visited Travel Lombok it loads, but this time I will discuss about Attractions in North Lombok first yes, next in my next article I will discuss other. Lombok travel must be visited - Attractions In North Lombok (KLU) | Gumantar is one of the villages of the eight villages in Kayangan Lombok subdistrict Utara.Hingga now, the village is much left some historical sites filled with custom shades traditions, especially those based in the hamlet Dasan. In socio-cultural, indigenous peoples Dasan beleq closely associated with Islamic teachings. This could visits of cultural sites, continues to live and develop in line with the rhythm of life local community. Central religious aspects contained in the hamlet Gumantar, where the Ancient Mosque there now are built by the trustees and scholars' propagator of Islam earlier, while the center at the time reign there in Hamlet Dasan this Beleq. Sites of historical relics of saints propagator of Islam which is attached to the hamlet Dasan Beleq District of Kayangan KLU Gumantar village, according to customs figures Dasan Beleq Hamlet, Malinom (48), said that, there are some relics, diantaranya'Bale Bangar Gubuq ', which by Pagalan local calls. Bale's, located in the middle Gubuq Beleq Dasan, with a size of 5 × 5 m. Bale (home), according Malinom, its existence is believed to be made by the the first came and settled in the hamlet Dasan Beleq. But according to Sahir (40), one of the young leaders respected in the local village, told, about the existence of a trustee missionaries Islam first came and settled in the village Dasan Beleq. Told, reputedly he said, in about the 16th century AD, when Islam has begun to spread to all corners homeland, not to mention the propagator of Islam until well into the northern region of the mountainside rinjani. Included in this Beleq Dasan gumi. "His arrival of nowhere, and who its name, it does not can be ascertained, "said Malinom with an expression full of seriousness. The propagator of Islam who first came to the place (Dasan Beleq), according to Sahir, starting from Mount Rinjani. The Muslim missionaries, named Mak Beleq and Kendi (resembling Jug) down from Mount Rinjani, which later, in the course of history, after ruling and the spread of Islam in the region Bayan, Mak Beleq known as Datu Bayan.Sedangkan friend named Kendi was, at that time, still live and propagate religion Islam in Dasan Beleq and surrounding area. Told, before getting to Dasan Beleq, the propagator of Islam (Mak Beleq and jug) is stop first at Semboya handler, to look around the north slope of Mount Rinjani, which way The first goal later in the spread of Islam was carrying. After steady his determination, the chosen one area as the first goal in spreading Islamic teachings. The area, now known as Dasan Beleq Hamlet. Because the The first time came in place was named Mak Beleq, before continuing its spread to the area Bayan. Later, other heritage sites in the hamlet Dasan Beleq are Indigenous Bale The handler is in Gedeng / handler Indigenous, about 400 meters towards the south Gubuq Dasan Beleq now. Custom bale handler at the center of Gedeng / Indigenous handler's, made of woven tree bamboo. Ranging from roof to fence all made of bamboo. Besides this Indigenous Bale, about 5 meters northwest side of the Indigenous Bale, founded 'Berugak Court' saka six, as a stopover point before carrying out the traditional elders in the traditional ritual ceremonies Indigenous Bale The. Aside from being a haven of traditional elders before ceremony ritual, then Berugak this Court, is also used as a place to prepare offerings and all forms of food dishes served in a container called a tray, which is intended for entire indigenous people who attended the ceremonies, after doing the ritual in the Bale Adat The. According to Sahir, who accompanied reporters, when visiting the Bale Adat The handler is in the middle of Gedeng some time ago, said, if not until the time held rituals in the Indigenous Bale, who are not allowed in or just passing in the arena or Indigenous Bale page. "It pemalik," she assured. journalists too, when taking pictures Bale Adat and the Supreme Berugak, just outside the area of ​​the barrier. Nuance is customary in a traditional village away from the noise of this modern society, still steeped in traditions wetu telu, engrained among some communities Dayan Mountain, which is still strong hold that tradition. Dasan hamlet indigenous communities Beleq, according to Sahir, a ritual in which Indigenous Bale The handler is in Gedeng it, will be implemented on a large - scale four months. The ceremony, according to Sahir is Beleq Books ceremony. So called because this ceremony held four months massively. However Sahir also admitted, that traditional ritual ceremony in the Gedeng handler, every month is also implemented, but just a small ceremony .. Also visit Lombok Cheap Travel Packages ....

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paket wisata lombok - Lombok has become one of the favorite tourist destinations for tourists both tourists domestic and foreign tourists. Strategic location, which is adjacent to the Bali, Lombok making it more accessible to tourists. The nature is very beautiful and the variety of its flora and fauna are increasingly making Lombok become a very popular area in a short time. Regional attractions consist chili from some districts. Each district has a superior tourist objects which must always visited by tourists. Call it the North Lombok. Here's an example: Waterfall Spring Gila - tour lombok Crazy Spring Waterfall is part of the National Park area of ​​Mount Rinjani. Thousands carrying tourists have visited this waterfall within one year. Arguably, Niagara Crazy spring has become the most popular tourist destinations in the national park Mt. Rinjani. Waterfall with a very beautiful natural scenery is located 600 meters above sea ​​levels. Visitors must pass through the trail to get to this waterfall. Route the journey starts from the village of Senaru. Access is not too difficult and it takes only travel time 20 minutes just to be able to reach this waterfall. But if taken from Mataram visitors have to travel quite a long time, ie 2 hours. Arriving at the waterfall, visitors are offered a 31-meter high waterfall complete with green scenery and fresh nan cool around him. Natural shades so thick here. Well suited for those who yearn for a quiet atmosphere and close to nature. Waterfall Tiu Kelep - paket wisata lombok Waterfall Tiu Kelep in North Lombok is known as a storehouse of waterfalls. Section quite a lot of beautiful waterfalls that can be found here. Call it for example Waterfall Tiu Kelep. This waterfall is very famous for its clarity and freshness of the water. From a distance course, the visitors can hear the sound of the waterfall. Similarly, the waterfalls in general, water Tiu Kelep waterfall is decorated with various types of green plants and trees around him. Its location is also very close to Niagara Spring Gila. The distance is only 1 km away.paket tour lombok tourist attraction nature is perfect for those who want to unwind and load your mind as a result of activity Your daily. Waterfall Ganges - mutiara lombok Waterfall Ganges place in North Lombok. From a distance only Niagara Ganges looks so beautiful. A mixture of green and blue will remedy the eyes of the visitors. How not, the green of the trees surrounding the waterfalls and pools of blue water of the waterfall actually be a blend of natural beauty is perfect. The water looks blue because it is very clear.harga mutiara Waterfall itself looks so unique. Because there are two levels and three locations of waterfalls, which is two waterfalls on top and underneath a waterfall. Menakijubkan landscapes can also be found on top of the water terjun.Hamparan hills, rice fields and the ocean becomes Air fresheners eyes and minds of the visitors. Fatigue of the body descend the visitors when headed to Niagara Ganga will be paid by the scenery and the natural atmosphere is so amazing. mutiara lombok Mount Rinjani has a very beautiful mountain valley. Here you will not be difficult to find a comfortable inn. Lodgings is intentionally designed by adopting the traditional design concepts in the form of traditional building barns. Near the inn, there is also a traditional market which is fairly complete.harga mutiara Swimming pool with source water from mountain springs and restaurants are located on top of the hill also built to meet the needs of the visitors were on vacation in the tourist area of ​​the valley of Mount Rinjani. Segara Anak - paket wisata lombok Segara Anak caldera formed in the area of ​​Mount Rinjani. Segara Anak is a lake with an area of ​​11 million square meters. The depth of the lake formed by volcanic activity is approximately 230 meters. The water is sourced from Segara Anak is gushing and flowing then form a very beautiful waterfall. Cool activities undertaken in this Segara Anak is fishing. Because volcanic lake is full of fish tilapia and carp. Southern part is called Segara Segara Anak Endut by local residents. lombok tour Related article: Lombok Property

Lombok Island Beach

paket wisata lombok Travel Lombok Island Beach does have a myriad of awesome beach, especially in the south coast of the island of Lombok. One place that should be included in the list of your travel is Lombok Tourism Tanjung Aan Beach, home of the Princess Mandalika. The beach is directly opposite the Indian Ocean, and has a coastline of approximately 2 Kilometers. One thing that is different when you step on the foot of Tanjung Aan Beach attractions, namely sand. Unlike other Lombok Beach, sand Tanjung Aan round like pepper. tour lombok Tanjung Aan beach is very appropriate for those who like air-snorkling and swimming. Because the waves are fairly quiet with relatively shallow depths. If you forgot to bring your equipment, snorkeling equipment rental are available on the beach. By late afternoon sea levels will begin to rise, make Tanjung Aan Beach is a great place to surf. Tanjung Aan beach is surrounded by several hills. You can easily reach the hill, if you want to see penamdangan Aan beautiful beach of height. Travel around the coast of Lombok, you will see some wooden umbrella with knitted straw as the roof. paket wisata lombok One way to enjoy the beach of Tanjung Aan is to lie under the umbrellas, while enjoying coconut you can buy around beach. You can also visit the row of restaurants that provide a wide variety of cuisines. You can try the local cuisine menus, while enjoying the beauty of Tanjung Aan amazing. As the holiday season holiday season, Pantai Tanjung Aan visited by domestic tourists. But if you visit in February, this beach will be full of tourists both from within and from abroad. Because of the month there is a special event that Ritual Bau Nyale. paket wisata lombokThis ritual associated with the myth of the local community about Princess Mandalika, where the daughter jumped from the hill to avoid the pursuit of a prince who wanted mempersuntingnya. Furthermore, the myth says that Princess Mandalika reincarnated as "Nyale", or marine worms. after the "hunt", this will be a material nyale some kind of local cuisine. Tanjung Aan Beach Tourism on the island of Lombok is located approximately 75 Kilometers from the city of Mataram, or about 3 Kilometers from Kuta Beach Lombok. If you use a private vehicle from Mataram, you will embark on a trip for approximately 1.5 hours. Route Mataram - Cakranegara - Kediri - Praya - Batunyale - Sengkol - Rambitan - Sade - last Kuta and Tanjung Aan. harga mutiara It is recommended that you hire a motorbike or car from Mataram. Because public transportation will waste your time and relatively more troublesome. After arriving at Tanjung Aan Beach, make sure you take the time to visit the beaches in the vicinity. Such as Kuta Beach Lombok Seger Beach, and Beach Selong Belanak. harga mutiara Related article: Lombok Property

Lombok island tours

paket wisata lombok Lombok island tours can be one of the best holidays in the world you know. Many travelers feel more comfortable while on holiday to visit Lombok than Bali. Bali is known as heaven on earth. But wait, say that after you explore Lombok. When compared to Bali, Lombok has the best spots for surfing as Bangko-Bangko beach, beach Mawi, Selong Beach, Coastal Belanak, and several others. tour lombok The majority of the beaches in Lombok is still untapped, so the nuances of nature is still strongly felt. Lombok is a paradise for surfers. Bali and Lombok island travel is the best tourist destination in Indonesia. However Lombok presenting to you more adventures. One of the places recommended were Pasing area. paket wisata lombok You struggle to reach this area will be commensurate with the heaven that awaits, namely Eka Beach. Lombok is also a perfect place for honeymooners. For a selection of romantic exotic place to another, you can visit Gili Nanggu. Exoticism island of Lombok will never run out. So you will remain fascinated though many times visiting this place. paket tour lombok Speaking about the island of Lombok there is one place that you should know is the main line ni because if you visit the tourist spots. Mataram is the capital of West Nusa Tenggara province. While Ampenan an old harbor town (now been moved to the sheet). City Ampenan distinctively ancient architecture. In the city of Mataram (which has become an integral part of the city and town Ampenan Cakranegara) we could culinary tours, by eating foods which typically spicy Lombok. mutiara lombok Among others: • plecing kale • chicken plecingan • range chicken (spicy chicken marinade once), • beberok sauce. And many more are you going to ketemui if Travel Lombok Island. For more detailed information about lombok tour package, you can see it in the next article, just fun deh if you've come here. paket wisata lombok Related Articles: Lombok property

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Pasar Perhiasan mutiara di Cina

Pasar Perhiasan mutiara di Cina - Content: create by team of paket wisata lombok and also lombok property with totally support by les privat mataram and les privat denpasar bali Budaya Pearl telah terdaftar pertumbuhan yang cepat dan komprehensif baik dalam air laut dan berbagai air tawar, membangun skala yang diperlukan dan memproduksi kelas tinggi, produk teknologi tinggi. Produksi Cina mutiara air tawar lebih dari 800 ton menyumbang sekitar 95% dari total global. Produksi air laut (Akoya) mutiara di 18 ton juga menempatkan Cina di garis depan produsen dunia. Cina berlimpah di mutiara alami. Air laut industri mutiara Cina, kedua hanya untuk Jepang, dengan volume produksi tahunan sekitar 20 ton, terdiri dari tiga basis budaya utama yang terletak di selatan, yaitu, Liusha di provinsi Guangdong, provinsi Hainan dan Beihai di Guangxi daerah otonom. Sekitar 90% dari seluruh rumah tangga di Liusha terlibat dalam budaya mutiara laut. Produksi tahunan air laut mutiara adalah sekitar 12-13 ton, dengan mutiara diproses sekitar 5-6 ton. 90% dari produksi tersebut diekspor ke luar negeri. Volume produksi adalah hanya satu ton atau lebih di Hainan, tapi mutiara cukup mahal karena ukurannya yang besar dan kualitas yang lebih baik. Yingpan di Beihai adalah budaya laut peternakan basis utama dengan volume produksi 8-10 ton setiap paket wisata lombok and tour lombok also paket wisata lombok and paket tour lombok can found with mutiara lombok will inform you about harga mutiara Air tawar industri mutiara di Cina mengalami pertumbuhan yang cepat sejak 1980-an. Di masa lalu, ekspor dikendalikan pemerintah, baik dalam volume dan harga. Sebuah bagian dari perdagangan grosir dalam negeri digunakan untuk diekspor ke Hong Kong melalui saluran abu-abu. Pada pertengahan 1980-an, terobosan besar yang dicapai dalam budidaya mutiara air tawar, dan kualitas yang lebih baik, lebih besar dari mutiara 6 milimeter bisa diproduksi. Terlepas dari Hong Kong, Suzhou di Provinsi Jiangsu dan Zhuji di Provinsi Zhejiang muncul sebagai pusat perdagangan utama untuk mutiara air tawar. Pada tahun 1992, kontrol pemerintah terhadap ekspor diangkat. Pada tahun 1998, mutiara berukuran besar 1 sentimeter dikultur. Saat ini, Cina memproduksi sekitar 800-1000 ton mutiara air tawar, terhitung sekitar 95% dari total dunia. Peternakan mutiara air tawar Cina yang terletak di provinsi sepanjang tengah dan sungai bawah Sungai Yangtze; yang provinsi Zhejiang memproduksi sekitar 90% dari total nasional. Sementara volume produksi China yang tinggi mutiara baik laut dan air tawar, memiliki pangsa yang relatif rendah (10-20%) dari perdagangan global. Hal ini karena kemampuan pengolahan mutiara China rendah. Perdagangan ditransaksikan dalam kilogram seperti gandum dan produk pertanian. Sebagian besar produk yang dijual hanya bisa berfungsi sebagai kerajinan barang dan tidak benar-benar sebagai produk perhiasan. Dengan demikian nilai produk rendah data: mutiara lombok and harga mutiara including paket wisata lombok and lombok tour with social media on mutiara lombok videos with harga mutiara . Lainnya Pasar Perhiasan di Cina China jadeite, ukiran batu giok dan patung dikenal di seluruh dunia. Cina adalah dunia pusat pengolahan terbesar untuk ukiran batu giok dan jadeite. Industri ini terkonsentrasi di Jieyang di Guangdong, Xiuyan di Liaoning, Hotian di Xinjiang, Nanyang di Henan dan beberapa tempat di provinsi Yuannan dan Daerah Otonomi Guangxi. Industri pengolahan dapat ditemukan di hampir semua bagian dari Cina, dan mereka bersama-sama menghasilkan nilai tambah tahunan lebih dari 10 miliar RMB, yang kualitas terbaik diekspor, data: perhiasan mutiara can you detect on jual mutiara and mutiara lombok videos with harga mutiara China permata dan industri perhiasan terutama kurang dalam bernilai tinggi sumber daya material seperti berlian, merah dan batu permata biru dan zamrud dll, tapi negara ini melimpah di batu semi mulia lainnya seperti batu akik, kuning, kristal, batu giok dll, yang ditemukan di beberapa bagian Cina. Baru-baru ini, di bawah inisiatif pribadi, banyak perusahaan telah mulai berurusan dalam produk ini. Menurut statistik yang tidak lengkap dikutip oleh China Association Gemmological, nilai produksi tahunan industri ini bersama-sama berdiri di lebih dari 8 miliar RMB, dan mereka mempekerjakan jumlah tenaga kerja sekitar 1 juta. Artikel Sumber: Gems & Industri Perhiasan di Cina, Kedutaan India, Beijing